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Seney Area Hiking, Biking & Cross Country Skiing,   Your Hosts Marc and Julie

   HIKING: The Fox River Pathway originates here in Seney, just a mile walk from the motel, and connects with the Pictured Rocks National Pathway just north of Kingston Lake. There is a Township campground here in Seney and a State Campground approximately 28 miles into the hike at Kingston Lake. You can also camp along the pathway if you are into roughing it. The path is usually open for hiking in mid May as the snow melts through late fall when Old Man Winter returns. This gives the hiker three seasons which to enjoy its beauty. As spring seems to bring the forest back to life, it also brings black flies and mosquitoes. Packing some extra provisions such as bug spray will make hiking this time of year more enjoyable. The fall is my personal favorite; when the hard woods change their color and the different hues of red and orange blaze in the sun. Fall also brings many hunters to the area and the woods are more populated at this time.
  Black bear, coyotes, fox, whitetail deer, wolves, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, moose, beaver, otter, pine martin, (to name a few) and a multitude of birds are all natural habitants of the Upper Peninsula. This will most likely support some great photo opportunities but it will also be necessary to be safety conscience while in their environment.

BIKING: Bicycling is a wonderful way to see the Seney National Wildlife Refuge because you can travel through large portions of the back country. All Refuge roads are open to bicycles, but the Refuge Manager may close some areas during peak migration. The Pine Ridge nature trail and the cross-country ski trails, however, are not open to bicycles. Refuge staff drive through the back country while conducting surveys so please be aware of the possibility of vehicles on the roads.

SKIING The Northern Hardwoods Cross Country Ski Trail in the Seney National Wildlife Refuge is groomed for traditional diagonal skiing. Trails are groomed as needed, usually just before the weekend if there has been sufficient snowfall.

SNOWSHOE Snowshoeing is permitted anywhere in the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, except on groomed ski trails. Crossing the pools is not recommended as thin ice conditions may exist.

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