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Seney Area ATV, ORV & Motorcycle Trails,   Your Hosts Marc and Julie

   In the Upper Peninsula, it is legal for ORVs / ATVs to operate on state forest as well as the designated trail system, unless a specific state forest road is posted closed to ORV use. In our county of Schoolcraft, as well as our neighboring counties of Alger and Luce, it is also legal to ride on county roads, unless otherwise posted.
   Trails are lightly groomed and riders are likely to encounter narrow sand trails, rough moguls, steep hills, stumps, rocks, brush, loose surfaces and other hazards.

CAN-AM Outlander 400 4x4, 1 or 2 persons

Can-Am Commander Side x Side 2 person, 4x4

1 Day



2 Days or more per day






hourly 3hr min



Optional Collision Insurance
- $25 a day per ATV with a $1000 deductible. Must be at least 21 years old, have a drivers license and major credit card. Reservations are recommended. $50 per ATV, 30 day cancellation required for refund.   Call for Reservations, 906-499-3332

Definitions which define where and how ORVs may be operated include:

"Forest road" Forest roads are hard surfaced roads, gravel and dirt roads, and other routes that can be traveled by a conventional 2-wheel drive vehicle designed for highway use (passenger car), including the lanes and logging roads. "Forest road" does NOT include any state, federal, or county highways or roads. In general, forest road means a road OTHER THAN A COUNTY OR STATE ROAD that the family car can operate on without assistance.

"Designated" means posted OPEN for ORV use with appropriate signs.

"Designated Route" means a forest or county road which has been signed for ORV use by the DNR. For ORVs of all sizes. Either ORV or SOS conventional licensing is required.

"Designated Area" means an area that is signed for cross-country ORV use by the DNR. ORV license is required.

"Forest Trail" Forest trails are designated paths or ways that can only be traveled by vehicles that are less than 50" in width. ORV license is required.

State Parks and State Recreation Areas, administered by the Parks and Recreation Division, with posted (signed) boundaries identifying them as such.

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